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Our Services

Our Services

Comprehensive services are provided to suit the different needs of clients.


​To enhance security levels, HGC GlobalCentre offers a storage cabinet for customers to store manuals and spare parts. Each cabinet is individually locked and located in a 24/7 secured and air-conditioned environment to ensure the highest security.


HGC GlobalCentre provides customers with statistics reports that include:
  • Trouble ticket details
  • Bandwidth utilisation
  • Server activity and access
  • Latest electricity usage
  • Temperature and humidity level

Tape services

HGC GlobalCentre offers tape backup solutions to match the diverse needs of customers to keep their business operating, even after catastrophic system failures.

Our services include:
  • Change and checking of tape
  • On-site / offsite storage and retrieval
  • Restoration on demand
  • Speedy on-site on-call service

Monitoring services

Round-the-clock monitoring is necessary to maintain the availability of the operating system services, and to determine application or database running status, device utilisation and availability.

HGC GlobalCentre is staffed with a team of Network Operation Centre (NOC) operators to provide a 24/7 monitoring service for customers. Network monitoring tools are equipped to manage service levels and maintain high availability of our customer equipment and Internet services.

Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) are able to actively prevent or block network intrusions once detected.

HGC GlobalCentre offers an IPS placed in-line between the uplink and the customer network. Our 24/7 monitoring services guarantee customer businesses have the highest levels of security and availability.

Managed firewall

​Firewall is an indispensable element of web security as it intercepts all traffic entering customer web sites and uses a set of sophisticated rules to prevent potentially harmful access. The firewall system provides a front gate to protect against malicious attacks.

HGC GlobalCentre works with customers to develop and define your firewall security policy, and then to customise, install and manage the firewalls according to your requirements. We will monitor the firewall system on a 24/7 basis, and alert the customer in the event of a problem.

Bulk service hour

HGC GlobalCentre offers a wide range of quality services. Customers can use their pre-paid bulk hours credit to enjoy the full range of professional services without having to commit to a monthly subscription.

Server load balancing

​Server load balancing (SLB) balances web traffic load across multiple servers or sites so that the server workload is evenly distributed. Optimum load balancing solutions are designed by our professional service team to precisely meet customer requirements.

Business continuity services

The Business Continuity Centre provides a fully-equipped office with network and phone connections to enable customers to quickly resume business operations in case of any interruption at customers’ own business locations.

Bandwidth services

Burstable bandwidth, high quality international and/or local bandwidth, and dedicated bandwidth.

Network services

Load balancing, streaming services and content delivery network services.