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Case Study - Austreme

“HGC’s world-class data centre meets our strict security requirements. The favourable price-to-cost-performance ratio, along with high-speed connectivity and stability, fills me with confidence in transferring big data to HGC’s facility and expansion of our business.”

Terence Chau
Director of Austreme

Challenge and solution

As a FinTech company, Austreme serves payment service providers, credit card brands with online merchant transaction detection services. The company provides risk management solutions to safeguard the credibility of financial institutions and corporate brands. By collecting global transaction data and monitoring website content using big data technology, the company provides brand protection for brand owners and monitors non-compliant transactions of online merchants for financial institutes.

According to Mr. Chau, Austreme’s Transaction Laundering Detection and Website Protection solutions are accredited with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification. The company’s brand protection and fraud investigation services are trusted by financial institutions worldwide. In fact, Austreme is monitoring more than 29 million websites globally and the number is growing continuously. All these explain why the company’s big data needs to be stored in a safe, efficient and reliable facility like HGCGC’s.

World-class facility insists on the most stringent security measures

After comparing data centre services, Austreme chose an HGCGC facility and opted for an independent cabinet to store the ever-growing volumes of online payment card transaction data. Mr Chau said it is because HGCGC’s high standard of co-location service, as well as stable and reliable Internet connectivity, which is sufficient to meet the most stringent requirements. HGCGC is designed to the TIA-942 tier-3 standard and accredited with ISO 27001 information security management certification.

Quality international connectivity

Mr Chau believes that connectivity, scalability and efficiency are the most important factors when choosing a data centre, especially for gathering and analysing ever-growing website content and online transaction data. He was impressed by HGCGC’s provision of Ethernet connectivity up to 100G and links to multiple local and international upstream networks, ensuring abundant local and international bandwidth. 

HGCGC’s premium colocation and connectivity capabilities have given confidence to Austreme in storing its data in the data centre facility and enable it to focus on expanding business.​