Cabinets & Cages
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Cabinets & Cages

Cabinets & Cages

A secure and robust physical environment, including high-loading capacity floors, customised cage areas and abundant cabinet space.

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  • Customised cage areas and a dedicated private room space provide tailored higher security standards to meet different customer requirements.
  • Up to 45U cabinets provide enormous space to meet customer hosting needs.
  • Individual keys for lockable cabinets in either partitioned or non-partitioned areas are assigned for maximum security.
  • High ventilation rack metal doors help ensure maximum airflow throughput.
  • A high-loading capacity raised floor provides a 600mm (approx. 23.6-inch) floor void for easy system maintenance and cool airflow.
  • Overhead UTP cable ladders and fibre ca​ble trays for better data cable management and minimal electromagnetic interference.
  • Loading capacity is 14kPa UDL concentrated load, capable of sustaining any IT equipment.​